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By the time many students get to upper elementary grades, they already possess limiting beliefs about their math abilities. They see math as simply getting a right answer. They may believe that they aren’t a “math person” and struggle to see how math is relevant to their lives. This not only impacts their motivation in your classroom, but also their future success.

The good news is that you can transform the way your students feel about math. You can take the frustration that math often causes, and turn it into excitement. You can take the dread, and turn it into confidence. When concepts are approached in the right way, they become less intimidating. Suddenly math becomes fun, relevant, and meaningful.

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Hi! I’m Shelley.

I am passionate about helping you make math meaningful, exciting, and fun for your students. When I taught Grade 3 and 4, my main focus was instilling a love of learning in my students, and I want to help you do the same. When we approach math from a place of curiosity, connection-making, and flexibility, we literally have the power to transform our students’ math experiences! 

Membership gives you access to all of my teaching resources.

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Access to hundreds of teaching resources

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Digital Resources

A wide range of digital resources for remote learning or for digital learning within the classroom. Digital resources are a primary focus for me this year and I'll be adding more consistently throughout the year!

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My daughter is enjoying the real life math packets she even asked for them for Christmas. My daughter is a student that has always struggled in math and as a result hated it but she is loving these.”

“Absolutely love this bundle for my GT students. They LOVE the activities and the parents love that they are real-life. Best investment I have ever made in regards to teaching supplies!”

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 Sneak Peek Inside:

Here is a small sample of the resources you will have immediate access to.

Product Line #1:

Digital Math Resources

Digital math resources are designed for use with Google Slides™ but will also work with Microsoft TEAMS™. Your students will work towards deep understanding by moving and manipulating objects right on their screen. Digital resources are fantastic for remote learning, but are also widely used digitally inside the classroom. The great news - there will be lots more digital resources coming this year!

Product Line #2:

Real Life Math Projects

Real life math projects are a high-interest activity that will motivate even your most reluctant learners. Whether your students are “running a pizza place,” “running a lawn mowing business,” or “creating a dinosaur park,” these projects will keep them begging for more. Many teachers report that their students ask to take these home to work on during breaks from school!

Product Line #3:

Self-Paced Math Stations

Self-paced math stations have helped tens of thousands of students learn their math facts in a fun, non-intimidating way. Fact fluency is the main goal of these stations, and it’s approached in a way that allows every student to succeed at his own pace. You’ll find math stations for all basic operations, as well as multi-digit multiplication, multi-digit division, and fractions.

Product Line #4:

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms take student engagement to a whole new level. Your students will love cracking codes, solving clues, and working along with their classmates to get through the obstacles that face them! Escape rooms are a fantastic culminating activity and allow students to use their math knowledge in a fun way.

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