There's a way to get even your most reluctant students hooked on math.


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Created for Grades 3-5 teachers or homeschooling parents who are determined to teach math in a relevant, fun, and meaningful way without spending hours looking for the perfect resources.



By the time many students get to upper elementary grades, they already possess limiting beliefs about their math abilities. They see math as simply getting a right answer. They may believe that they aren’t a “math person” and struggle to see how math is relevant to their lives. This not only impacts their motivation in your classroom, but also their future success.



As a teacher, it can feel impossible to fulfill overwhelming curriculum expectations, fill the gaps in learning from previous years, AND keep math fun and relevant at the same time.

The good news is that you can transform the way your students feel about math. You can take the frustration that math often causes, and turn it into excitement. You can take the dread, and turn it into confidence. When concepts are approached in the right way, they become less intimidating. Suddenly math becomes fun, relevant, and meaningful.

You are invited...

You are invited to be a member of the Shelley Gray Teaching Membership.


This membership includes all the resources you’ll find in my TpT store in one convenient membership portal. Additionally, you will have first access to all NEW resources! These resources have been helping teachers approach math in a meaningful way for over 14 years! 

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Until now, you've had to collect resources one by one, often having to choose between which one best suits the majority of your students.


But what if you had access to HUNDREDS of resources at your fingertips? What if you could differentiate to your students using the resources that best suit them, without having to purchase multiple separate resources?


“[Shelley’s resources] have saved my life during distance learning!! They are so helpful and easy to use!”

“There is so much excitement stemming from these projects. These projects are thorough and creative and were put together so well. I cannot wait for my other students to use them. Thank you so much for your creations!!!”

“Shelley, you make teaching math so much easier, and fun! My daughter has been so successful with your resources.”

Hi! I’m Shelley.

I am passionate about helping you make learning meaningful, exciting, and fun for your students. In my role as a teacher, my main focus is to instill a love of learning in my students, and I want to help you do the same. When we approach math from a place of curiosity, connection-making, and flexibility, we literally have the power to transform our students’ experiences! 

Membership gives you access to all of my teaching resources.

As I add new resources, they will be added to this membership FIRST. As a member, you are my top priority!

Access to hundreds of teaching resources

Membership grants you access to every resource that you find in my TpT store as well as all future resources, all packaged inside one convenient membership portal. As a member, you will also have first access to all new resources!

Digital Resources

A wide range of digital resources for digital learning within the classroom. 

Affordable Pricing

Membership works out ONLY $16.40 per month!

Imagine having access to hundreds of classroom ready resources for the price of a few of cups of coffee per month!

This membership is for you if:

  • you are committed to engaging your students in a way that makes them WANT to learn!
  • you teach grades 3-5 math or have students at this level. Although I do have many resources for other grade levels (and will be adding more), Grades 3-5 teachers will find the most value in this membership.
  • you love using my resources, but are often limited by your budget.
  • you want access to all future resources I create.
That's me! I'm ready to join!

My daughter is enjoying the real life math packets she even asked for them for Christmas. My daughter is a student that has always struggled in math and as a result hated it but she is loving these.”

“Absolutely love this bundle for my GT students. They LOVE the activities and the parents love that they are real-life. Best investment I have ever made in regards to teaching supplies!”

Become a member and begin downloading engaging math resources now!


 Sneak Peek Inside:

Here is a small sample of the resources you will have immediate access to.

Product Line #1:

Digital Math Resources

Digital math resources are designed for use with Google Slides™ but will also work with Microsoft TEAMS™. Your students will work towards deep understanding by moving and manipulating objects right on their screen. Digital resources are fantastic for remote learning, but are also widely used digitally inside the classroom. 

Product Line #2:

Real Life Math Projects

Real life math projects are a high-interest activity that will motivate even your most reluctant learners. Whether your students are “running a pizza place,” “running a lawn mowing business,” or “creating a dinosaur park,” these projects will keep them begging for more. Many teachers report that their students ask to take these home to work on during breaks from school!

Product Line #3:

Self-Paced Math Stations

Self-paced math stations have helped tens of thousands of students learn their math facts in a fun, non-intimidating way. Fact fluency is the main goal of these stations, and it’s approached in a way that allows every student to succeed at his own pace. You’ll find math stations for all basic operations, as well as multi-digit multiplication, multi-digit division, and fractions.

Product Line #4:

Escape Rooms

Escape rooms take student engagement to a whole new level. Your students will love cracking codes, solving clues, and working along with their classmates to get through the obstacles that face them! Escape rooms are a fantastic culminating activity and allow students to use their math knowledge in a fun way.


When you join the Shelley Gray Teaching Membership today, I'm also throwing in my complete How to Teach Multiplication course! 

This course is intended to put you on the fast track to teaching multiplication for true fluency and includes:

  • Over 30 video lessons to walk you through each step of this system of teaching multiplication for deep understanding.
  • Resources to help you implement the steps without any extra prep
  • Three expert interviews with other educators - Donna Boucher of Math Coach's Corner, Bethany Lake of Math Geek Mama, and Brittany Hege of Mix and Math!

This course is sold separately for $97, but it's yours for FREE when you become a member today!

This membership is perfect for...



who have students working at a Grade 3-5 level and are committed to teaching math in an engaging way.



who want to ensure their children are learning math in a conceptual way that builds understanding.



who work one on one or with small groups of students to fill gaps in math understanding.



who are building a collection of resources and looking for quality math resources to begin their teaching careers.

The hundreds of resources (and all future resources) you'll find in this membership center around my core philosophy of teaching math:

  • Math concepts are best taught using the Concrete-Representational-Abstract model, with a focus on concrete and representational so that students can build important understanding.
  • UNDERSTANDING math facts is more important than memorizing math facts. Conceptual understanding is the key to math fact fluency.
  • Students must be able to visualize math in order to really understand it.
  • True math fluency is more than just speed and accuracy. It also includes flexibility, which is essential to true fluency.
  • One of the best ways to build flexibility is by making connections and forming relationships between concepts.
  • When we make small tweaks to our teaching, math can become one of the most engaging subjects of the day!

There are currently two different ways to purchase my resources.

Purchase them separately on TeachersPayTeachers

  • Hundreds of engaging resources to choose from
See all Resources on TpT


  • Access all 500+ resources PLUS all future resources!
  • A great option if you use (or want to use) a lot of my resources and if you want access to all future resources as soon as they are published
  • Also includes the complete "How to Teach Multiplication" course (sold separately for $97)
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Kayleigh's Testimonial

I seriously do not think I would have been able to survive this year without your membership! You have something for every skill and we can use them as teaching slides and assignments. I literally could cry in thanks to you!! I don't even have enough words to express my gratitude. 

Kelly's Testimonial

I absolutely love having access to all your resources! I have printed different math stations for the different students in my classroom based on what they need to work on. I made booklets out of each station and no one even knows they are working on something different!

Tyler's Testimonial

Thank you, Shelley! This membership is the best purchase I've made. I've barely scratched the surface of what is available and already downloaded so many great resources! 

I know that your goals are much bigger than simply saving time finding new resources.

I know that you want to create more light bulb moments for your students.

I know that you want to see the excitement that math can create when students truly understand and are motivated!

I know you want resources that will help students build understanding rather than simply answer questions.


I would love to help you take your math instruction to a new level this year.


"I use these as independent practice and the kids LOVE finishing and getting the next one. Sometimes I even put out a couple and let them pick. They are absolutely the best thing I have found to show kids how much math is all over in real life!"

- Donna


"You might see this product advertised on some Facebook pages etc. When I first saw it I thought I am not that kind of teacher or I am not creative enough to manage that. Although there is a lot of cutting and possible laminating at first, it is totally worth it. I had slower kids kick it into gear to get their work done to do more of these engaging assignments."

- Kyle


"This resource is great! The students can use it self-paced (once systems are taught) and they love it! I saw huge improvements in my students' fact fluency once we started working on this station. I would absolutely recommend this resource."

- Kassandra

How many of your students believe they aren't good at math? How many of your students would identify math as their least favorite subject?

So many kids believe they aren't good enough when it comes to math. The saddest part is that this is often due to not being as fast as someone else, being unsure about steps to a procedure, or not seeing the connection between math and real life.

This is heart-breaking to me, and it helps drive my mission to help teachers make math fun, relevant, and accessible for their students. 

I am passionate about helping YOU help your students.

I want them to beg you to keep doing math.

I want them to tell you that this is the most fun they've ever had in math class.

I want them to be so motivated and engaged that they forget they are even 'doing math.'

I want your students to see that math is all around them, and be fascinated by it rather than intimidated.


I promise that when you teach in a way that

  • promotes relevant, real-life scenarios
  • focuses on concrete, representational, and abstract connections
  • builds in freedom, power, and choice

your math class will forever be transformed.


"You should have heard the cheers when I said we were doing another escape room. Thank you for bringing that excitement and joy to my classroom."

- Amy


"The students loved this project! We took it even further and they made their own "waste free grocery store" where parents and students could come buy things and we donated all of the money to charity! It was a great hands on learning experience for them."

- Nicole


"Amazing resource! All of your resources are so practical and make teaching multiple grade levels at once so much easier. The students love the interactive component of your digital resources and are able to practice a newly acquired skill with ease!"

- Laura


"This is one of the best investments I've made. I love how every student can feel successful even when they struggle. Can't wait to get the other operations!"

- Will


"My students LOVED doing this as a fun math activity! They kept talking about their camping trip and their parents actually thought they were going on a real trip with how much they talked about it!"

- Kelly


"The MOST comprehensive bunch of slides for time! It was so well put together and organized, my kids loved working in them!"

- Christy

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